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In accordance with State Water Resources Control Board regulations, the City of La Verne completed a self certified stress test to establish conservation levels. This process yielded a lowering of the conservation standard from 32% to 0.  For more information on the self-certification procedure, please click here. 

While the State Water Board is reacting to a wetter and milder rainy season in 2015-2016, there is the possibility that this is a temporary reprieve in a long term drought. If we enter into another dry year or if conservation does not yield results, the State Water Board has the ability to reinstate mandatory drought requirements. La Verne residents should take this opportunity to transition into conservation as a way of life in Southern California.

At its August 15th meeting, the La Verne City Council voted to suspend the drought penalty surcharges, while asking customers to continue conserving and adopting conservation as a way of life in California. The City is asking residents to voluntarily reduce consumption by 30% of 2013 usage and remains in Phase VII of the Water Use Restriction Ordinance, which include. :  


  1. Hose washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking areas, or other paved surfaces shall be prohibited.
  2. Washing of motor vehicles, trailers, boats, and other types of mobile equipment shall be done only with a hand-held water container or a hose equipped with a positive shut off nozzle for quick rinses, except that washing may be done on the immediate premises of a commercial car wash or with reclaimed water. 
  3. No water shall be used to clean, fill or maintain levels in decorative fountains, or other similar aesthetic structures unless such water is part of a recycling system.
  4. No restaurant, hotel, cafe, cafeteria, or other public place where food is sold, served, or offered for sale, shall serve drinking water to any customer unless expressly requested.
  5. All leaks from indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures shall be repaired within forty-eight hours of discovery or notification.
  6. Watering of landscape or other turf area, including that of commercial nurseries, golf courses, and other water dependent industries shall only be permitted between the hours of one hour before sunset and ten a.m. for no more than five minutes per station or area, and not to exceed more than twenty minutes per week; except that there shall be no restriction on watering with reclaimed water, providing that signs are posted that identify reclaimed water is being used. The use of properly operating drip irrigation systems or hand held buckets shall be permitted at any time.
  7. Water runoff from landscaped areas into adjoining streets, sidewalks, or other paved areas shall be prohibited.
  8. Construction water for grading and other purposes shall be limited to ground produced water at the discretion of the city.
  9. Installation of single pass cooling systems shall be prohibited in buildings requesting new water service.
  10. Installation of non-recirculating water systems shall be prohibited in new commercial conveyor car wash and new commercial laundry systems.
  11. Food preparation establishments, such as restaurants or cafes, shall be prohibited from using non-water conserving dish wash spray valves.
  12. Irrigating outdoors during and within 48 hours following measurable rainfall is prohibited. 


For more information about La Verne’s conservation programs, free events and free water efficient landscaping classes please visit our website at   For information on water efficiency rebates currently available please visit 

If you should have any questions or would like to discuss how you might be able to reduce your water use, please contact our customer service staff at (909) 596-8744.


Drought Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How much does La Verne need to save?

As of August 2016, the State is no longer mandating La Verne to reduce water consumption by 32%, but to shift to a mindset of lifetime conservation. La Verne City Council is requesting   a voluntarily 30% reduction from 2013 usage, as found in Phase VIIWater Use Restrictions of the City’s Water Conservation Ordinance. The City Council has also asked residents and businesses to abide by all applicable State laws and emergency regulations regarding the drought. 


Why does La Verne no longer have a state mandate? What is a “self-certification”?

The State Water Board has temporarily rescinded mandatory water conservation, because of improved rainfall amounts in some portions of the State. The State Water Board is instead relying on a “self-certification” by water suppliers that their water sources will last for another three years of drought conditions. La Verne has 100% of the supply projected to last for the next three years and will not be required to make up any deficits with mandatory conservation.


Why are you removing surcharges?

Due to the successful conservation efforts of our customers and the State Water Resources Control Board no longer mandating a 32% reduction in consumption, the City Council no longer felt the need to continue drought penalty surcharges at this time.    


So is the drought over?

No! While the State Water Board is reacting to a wetter and milder rainy season in 2015-2016 there is the possibility that this is a temporary reprieve in a longer term drought. If we enter into another dry year or if conservation does not yield results, the State Water Board has the ability to reinstate mandatory drought requirements. La Verne residents should take this opportunity to transition into conservation as a way of life in Southern California.

What do I do when I see water being wasted or a regulation being violated?

Please contact the City of La Verne Water Waster Hotline at 909-596-8787 and leave a detailed message regarding the date, time location and wasteful activity. 

Do you offer any rebates or programs to help cover the cost of appliances, irrigation equipment, or anything else to help homeowners reduce water consumption?

Yes, the City and Metropolitan Water District currently offer several rebates for water saving practices and devices such as turf removal, low flush toilets, low flow shower heads and faucets, high water efficiency clothes washers, smart controllers, sprinkler nozzles and rain barrels. Please click here for more information. 

How often should I water my grass/landscaping?

The current water restrictions allow for a total of 20 minutes per station, per week.  Because people have different types of soil and plants in their yard, we recommend visiting the water calculator at  

What is "runoff" and why is it prohibited?

Runoff is water that flows off of landscape, often due to overwatering. Runoff is prohibited because water is being wasted running down the sidewalks, driveways, streets and into the gutter. In addition to wasting water, this practice is prohibited because of trip hazards and the runoff picks up additional materials that pollute the storm drain system. 

How many gallons of water are used on average in a single-family home in La Verne per month?

18,000 gallons

I have a large yard and a large house so why don't I get a higher voluntary limit than 22,000 gallons per two months for water use? 

The voluntary limit is for indoor use and therefore does not take into consideration your size of home or size of yard. The priority during the drought is for residents to have water available for personal sanitation, drinking, eating, cooking, washing and cleaning. Therefore, irrigation and square footage of a home is not factored into the baseline allotment. 

Does the City of La Verne offer any classes  or help for me to convert my traditional lawn into a drought tolerant landscape?

Yes, the City has partnered with Three Valleys Municipal Water District and Metropolitan Water District to conduct regular California Friendly Landscape Classes. Click here for more information. 

Does the City offer financial assistance to fund repairs of broken pipes, toilets, sprinklers or anything else that might waste water?

The City does not have any funds available for the repair of deteriorating pipes, toilets or sprinklers at this time. However, there are free instructional booklets available at City Hall for plumbing repairs, tools for sprinkler repair and rebates for water efficient irrigation equipment as well as many other household appliances. Click here for more rebate information. 

I have installed low flush toilets, low flow shower heads and faucets, what are additional ways to conserve water?



  1. When warming up the water before taking a shower, place a bucket to catch the water and use to water plants, rinse fruits and vegetables or fill the pet drinking bowl. 
  2. When taking a shower, turn off the water while soaping up.
  3. When washing your hands, turn off the water while allowing soap to work.
  4. When washing clothes and dishes, wait until the appliance is full before running a load.




  1. When watering your lawn, focus on dry spots instead of watering everywhere and adjust when you notice runoff. 
  2. Before watering your landscaping, periodically aerate the grass or soil to allow more water to be soaked in and avoid compaction.
  3. Take advantage of rebates for the removal of turf and installation of drought tolerant landscaping. Click here for more information.