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La Verne

City of

City Services

Administration   596-8726
Animal Control Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA 623-9777
Banners Community Services 596-8700
Building Permits Community Development 596-8713
Business License Department   596-8722
Business Loans & Grants Community Development 596-8706
City Council Administration 596-8726
City Landscape Maintenance Public Works 596-8700
City Records City Clerks Office 596-8726
Code Enforcement Police Department


Community Center Community Services 596-8776
Community Services   596-8700
Disaster Preparedness Fire Department 596-5991
Economic Development Community Development 596-8706
Employment Opportunities Personnel 596-8760
Encroachment Permits Public Works 596-8741
Environmental Quality Community Development 596-8706
Facility Rentals/City Community Services 596-8700
Fees/Assessments/Taxes Finance Department 596-8716
Finance Department   596-8716
Fire Prevention Fire Department 596-5991
Flood Control Los Angeles County (626) 458-5100
Freeway Information Community Development 596-8706
Get About Transportation Dispatch 596-5964
Get About Transportation Office 621-9900
Grading Community Development 596-8706
Graffiti Hotline Community Development 596-8787
Grants/Block Community Development 596-8706
Grants/Business Community Development 596-8706
Heritage Trees Community Development 596-8706
Historic Preservation Community Development 596-8706
Home Occupation Permits Finance Department 596-8716
Housing Assistance Community Development 596-8706
Inclusion Community Services 596-8700
La Verne History Administration 596-8726
La Verne Library   596-1934
Mobile Home Rent Review Administration 596-8726
Municipal Elections Administration 596-8726
Neighborhood Watch Police Department 596-1913
Park Maintenance Public Works 596-8700
Pomona Valley Transportation Authority   596-7664
Planning Department   596-8706
Preschool/City Community Services 596-8700
Property Tax Information Office of the Assessor
Public Works Department   596-8741
Public Works Permits Public Works 596-8741
Recreation Activities Community Services 596-8700
Recycling Public Works 596-8744
Schools/School Fees Bonita School District 599-6787
Senior Lunch Program   596-8778
Senior Services Community Services 596-8700
Sewer Public Works 596-8741
Sign Information Community Development 596-8706
Storm Water Information Public Works 596-8741
Streets and Highways Public Works 596-8741
Traffic Lights Public Works 596-8741
Trash Waste Management 599-1274
Transit Store/City Community Services 596-8700
Tree Preservation Community Development 596-8706
Tree Trimming/City Public Works 596-8700
Veterans Hall Rental Community Services 596-8700
Waste Disposal Waste Management 599-1274
Water Service/Inquiries Customer Service 596-8744
Weed Abatement Fire Department 596-5991
Zoning Information Community Development 596-8706
Yard Sale Permits Finance Department 596-8716