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Notice of Bear by 5400 Block of Edgewood Drive

Notice: It has been reported that a bear attacked a dog in the 5400 block of Edgewood Drive on Tuesday, May 10th in the early morning hours.   There was no confirmed sighting of a bear throughout this incident, our information is based upon the veterinarians determination that the injuries were consistent with a bear attack.  The California Department of Fish and Game has been notified.   Residents living near the foothills are reminded that it is not uncommon for wildlife to enter residential neighborhoods.  We ask that you be vigilant and take precautions so as not to attract bears and other wildlife.  Please see this Homeowner's & Renter's Guide to Living In Bear Country with information on discouraging bears from entering your property and tips on what to do should you have an encounter with a bear.  For more information on all types of wildlife, please visit