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Recruitment For 2018-2019 Civil Grand Jury Is Now Open

Looking for an opportunity to make a difference in you community?

The Los Angeles County Superior Court is currently seeking qualified citizens who are interested in applying for the Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury.

Primary functions:

  • Investigates county, city and joint-power agencies
  • Acts as "watch dog" by examining carefully and completely the operations of various government agencies within Los Angeles County.

Willing to volunteer 30-40 hours or 4-5 days per week and earn $60.00 for each full day of service?
Get involved and join the Civil Grand Jury

Recruitment for 2018-2019 Civil Grand Jury is now open.
Deadline to submit application is November 3, 2017.


  • US Citizen
  • 18 years or older
  • Resident of Los Angeles County for at least one year
  • Possess sound judgment, fair character, and ordinary intelligence
  • Working knowledge of English language

   Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury
   Criminal Justice Center Bldg.
   210 W. Temple St., 11--506
   Los Angeles, CA 90012
   Tel# 213-628-7914

pdf Flyer: Civil Grand Jury Recruitment 2018-19 (724 KB)