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Official Municipal Elections 2017 Results

Official results of the La Verne 2017 Municipal Elections

The results displayed on this page are official and certified by the
L.A. Registrar Recorder as of Tuesday, March 21, 2017
and will be presented at the La Verne City Council Meeting of April 3, 2017.


 La Verne City General Municipal Election Mayor

Don Kendrick 50.05% 3,198
Tim Hepburn 49.95% 3,191


 La Verne City General Municipal Election Member of the City Council

Robin M. Carder 31.03% 3,369
Muir Davis 24.76% 2,688
Matthew Lyons 21.44% 2,328
Keith Garwick 15.73% 1,708
George Karr 7.03% 763

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